Who has the Worlds Best Dropball

Who has the Worlds Best Dropball

Late this year Fastpitch World Media released the results of their survey on who has the best Dropball in the World for 2015!

This year saw the Men’s World Series being held in Saskatoon, along with ISC’s being played in a little over 2 months. This gave the world a chance to see how the best pitchers in the world stacked up! Adam Folkard was still a force along with Roman Jones, who pushed Venezuela through to another medal position. It’ll also saw the young guns from Argentina prove they had the talent to compete at the Open level with Roman Godoy and the younger Mata boasting up their countries pitching stocks. Nik Hayes was injured throughout the World Series however still proves to have several variations of the Dropball! Sean Cleary staked his claim for top helping Team Canada take out the title at the World Series, Pan American Games and getting Gators to ISC title game. Devon Mccullough pushed his case being one of the most improved performers and closing out the World Series Final.   There’s definitely plenty of new pitching talent and we’re providing a chance to have your say in the comments below or via the survey. Let us know your thoughts.
World Fastpitch Media”Fifty major circuit players were polled and they voted Ramon Jones and Adam Folkard as having the best drop balls in the world. Jones and Folkard, each received 33% of the vote. Sean Cleary 22% and Jeremy Manley 11% rounded out the only four pitchers mentioned. Who do you feel has the best drop ball in the world?”

We invite you to have your say below!

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