Standard Softball Fielding Drills

50 Ground Balls

This fielding drill can be run with either 3 or even just 2 people. If you have 3 people you’ll need one fielder who will stand either 50ft or 70ft from the other two players. The distance will depend on where this fielder normally plays. If they’re a pivot (Shortstop of 2nd Base) they’ll stand 70ft away and 50ft if they’re a 1st or 3rd baseman. Of the other two players one will have a bat and hits the ball to the player intending to field the ball. The 3rd player will catch ball that’s being thrown back by the fielder and return this to the person hitting the balls. This drill is perfect for the start of training when getting your arms warm and is also a faster method for getting your ground balls in than having your coach hit to the entire team.

This exercise can also be performed with one hitter using one hand to hit and a glove to catch the returned ball. Note the person hitting in this drill will need enough experience to hit one handed towards the fielder with enough velocity. The drill is called 50 Ground Balls however that just refers to the general number of ground balls each fielder takes. It’s recommended that you break this up into 25 ball chunks.


Infield Practice

This drill simply involves setting up an infield



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