Softball Nutrition Practice Drills


Introduction to Softball Nutrition Practice Drills

Ok, so Nutrition in Softball is probably one of the most overlooked, or not even talked about. We hear at Top Softball Drills aren’t going into any great detail, however you can break down Softball Nutrition into three parts,  these being Softball Nutrition for Games, Softball Nutrition Practice Drills and Softball Nutrition in General. Each of these have similar principles however vary according the type of activity you’re look to take part within.

Softball Nutrition for Games


Nutrition for Softball Games varies greatly from your usual everyday intake. The sole purpose for intake during and just before this period is to have your body ready to compete at it’s peak performance. The first tip when preparing for games is to not overload your body with a large meal, as it’ll make you feel bloated and takes large volumes of blood flow towards your stomach in lieu of the muscles in the body parts you’re about to use for Softball.

The next item on the agenda is water / fluid intake. It’s important not to become dehydrated during your games, practice or general day life. A 1% decrease in hydration levels and that’s a 1% drop in body weight due to fluid levels can have over a 5% drop in overall performance and this continues to grow as you lose additional fluid levels. The key point we’re making here is drink plenty of water during your games, potentially fuel your body with sports drinks and ensure your sports drink is actually one that’ll re-hydrate your body.

Finally food eaten during games should have a higher GI and enter your body at a faster rate than those used throughout the day. Large fatty meals will take longer to enter your system than one filled with carbohydrates and proteins. Here’s some examples on which meals to swap in and out and are generally found at the ballpark.

Swap out: Pie  Swap in: Hamburger minus, bacon and cheese, top up the salad

Swap out: Hotdog on a Stick  Swap in: Ham and Salad Wrap

Swap out: Hot Chips   Swap in: Mars Bar

Softball Nutrition Practice Drills


This is fairly similar to the nutrition required for games however we recommend that you eat foods with lower energy contents than that for a game. This will assist with maintaining energy levels for practice without conflicting with overall energy intake. We can not stress how important it is to keep up fluid levels during training! Training is generally the most intense part of exercise for Softball Players and the last thing you want is to skimp on practice due to heat stroke from lack of fluid intake. It’s important to ask for a drinks break during practice (If your coach forgets) and hustle to and from a drinks break!


Softball Nutrition General

We probably aren’t the best source of information for general nutrition tips however there’s a couple of general rules to follow. Only provide your body with the amount of energy it needs to fuel itself for daily activity. Fad diets and meal replacements can help to reduce body weight however there’s always one golden rule to maintain the required body weight,  energy in matches energy out.

For more information on Softball Nutrition Practice Drills please take a look at the following book! It’s written by a West Australian Glenn Cardwell who’s lectured at ECU and worked with the Western Force and is not only hilarious to hear speak about nutrition knows exactly how to put nutrition concepts into a form that’s easily palatable.


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