Beginner Riseball Drills

Riseball Flip Drill
March 6, 2018

These drills are targeted for pitchers that are completely new to throwing a riseball and are ordered in level of progression. They are Beginner Riseball Drills and can be repeated as the pitcher continues to work on and develop their riseball. Short Riseball Flicks This drill is great for those just learning the rise call. Start side on with another pitcher two meters apart. The pitchers should hold their arm…


Softball Nutrition Practice Drills

Softball Nutrition for Practice Drills
January 12, 2016

Nutrition Introduction to Softball Nutrition Practice Drills Ok, so Nutrition in Softball is probably one of the most overlooked, or not even talked about. We hear at Top Softball Drills aren’t going into any great detail, however you can break down Softball Nutrition into three parts,  these being Softball Nutrition for Games, Softball Nutrition Practice Drills and Softball Nutrition in General. Each of these have similar principles however vary according the type…


Long Toss for Softball Throwing and Pitching Drill

Long Toss Softball Drills
September 10, 2015

Benefits of the Long Toss for Softball Throwing and Pitching If you are a softball player and you’re not long tossing, you may be stunting your softball throwing and pitching development. When done properly, the long toss does 3 things: Legs and Lower Body Strengthening It forces you to use your legs and torso to throw the ball Not all players are pitchers, and throwing velocity is not situation-specific. The…