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Swing Strengthening Drills

Swing Strengthening Drills Softball

Here’s a list of Swing Strengthening Drills Windshield Wiper Drill To start this Drill, have the hitter take a weighted bat or the heaviest one you have on the team and hold it in both their hands with the barrel pointing straight up toward the sky. Now using only the wrists, have them lower the barrel of the bat to their left to about waist high, then to their right…

Advanced Hitting Softball Drills feat. Mark Harris

Advanced Hitting Softball Drills

Live Batting Practice Drill   There’s absolutely no batter drill for Fastpitch Softball Batting / Hitting Drills. For Advanced Hitting Softball Drills you just can’t beat having a top level pitcher throwing all of their pitches with a catcher for the correct throwing distance. It’s preferable that you mimic live at bats with the catcher calling balls and strikes. You can turn this drill into a game between the pitcher, catcher…

Basic Hitting Drills

Basic Hitting Drills

Batting Beam Drill Objective The first of our Basic Hitting Drills, encourages the batter to be on the balls of the their feet and to maintain a balanced swing. Drill Here’s a drill you may find useful. Construct a batting beam with pieces of 2″ x 4″s. The main piece should be about 4′ long. Two cross pieces about 18″ should be nailed about 16″ from each end of main…