Full Diamond Bunting and Conditioning Drills

Full Diamond Bunting and Conditioning Drill


The Full Diamond Bunting Drill requires 4 players Pitching and Bunting. Each bunting station will be situated at each of the 4 bases or points on the diamond. The pitchers will throw from the middle of the diamond to the base they’re closest. All four pitchers should throw at the same time. The player bunting will execute a the bunt and then run at top speed to the next base. Please note the player should run regardless the outcome of the bunt. To increase focus on bunting allow additional bunts to be executed before the player proceeds to run.

This drill can also be modified to execute all types of bunts including running bunts, sacrifice bunts, squeeze bunts and push bunts. Mix up the drill and see what you can come up with.

Sacrifice, Squeeze, Push, Running Bunt

Examples of mixing this drill up would involve the coach calling out Sacrifice and having the pitchers throw and the bunters executing a Sac Bunt. The coach would then call out Squeeze and have the pitcher throw a ball out of the zone in which the bunter still executes a squeeze bunt. This would then continue for the push and on the running bunt the bunter would execute the bunt and run to the next base, again at top speed.


Bunting Game

You can turn this into a game style mode in which points are awarded for a successfully executed bunt or if a bad pitch is left. Points can be deducted for lack of hustle, popping up a bunt or executing the incorrect bunt.

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Full Diamond Bunting and Conditioning

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