Beginner Riseball Drills

These drills are targeted for pitchers that are completely new to throwing a riseball and are ordered in level of progression. They are Beginner Riseball Drills and can be repeated as the pitcher continues to work on and develop their riseball.

Short Riseball Flicks

This drill is great for those just learning the rise call. Start side on with another pitcher two meters apart. The pitchers should hold their arm in the position at their release point and just use their wrist to flick the riseball to the other pitcher. The focus should be on having the ball spinning backwards with little to no tilt. This can be progressed with some small arm movements as the pitcher improves on their control and rotation. This drill can be progressed to full arm rotations and releasing the softball. Continue to progress the distance between the two pitchers

Riseball Flip Drill

One Knee Riseball Flicks

The previous drill can be progressed to the point where the pitcher takes one knee and has their front landing foot leg extended to their side. Ideally another pitcher will be located the a similar position in front of the other pitcher. The pitcher will start by holding their arm at their release point and use their wrist to flick the ball to the other pitcher. The focus again needs to have the ball rotating backwards. This drill can be progressed with some arm movement.

One Knee Riseball Drill


One Knee Riseball Drill

This drill progresses on the original drill however the pitchers will use a full arm action with the aim to build to full speed whilst maintaining perfect rotation. This should be used during the first year of the pitcher learning to throw their riseball.

Long Distant Riseball Drills

This drill is perfect for showing a pitcher how tight their pitch is spinning. If the riseball is not spinning backwards it won’t hold its upward trajectory and will tail off to the opposite side of the pitching hand. If a pitcher is able to move the ball to the side of the pitching hand it might we work working with the pitcher on throwing a screwball. Start at 50 ft and slowly progress further and further back. In a perfect situation some pitchers will be able to throw this riseball from the homerun fence to the pitchers plate.

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