Pitching Machine Bunting Drills

Pitching Machine Bunting Drill

The Pitching Machine Bunting Drill requires the setup a pitching machine just in front of the pitching plate. Adjust the settings on the machine to suit the speed and level of the athlete. Have the athlete setup in the batters box. Feed the ball into the machine and have the batter execute a bunt. It’s good practice to have the batter return to their batting position in between each pitch and have them square around for a bunt before the ball is feed into the machine. Gradually increase the pitching speed as the athlete becomes more confident. This drill can be executed with a running bunt, squeeze bunt and push bunt. Athletes should dropping majority of these balls in play.

Rapid Fire Pitching Machine Bunting Drill

Again setup a pitching machine just in front of the pitching plate. This will be executed with athletes that can successfully drop 8 to 9 bunts down in the previous drill. I this drill the batter squares around for a sac bunt and the ball is fed into the pitching machine. The athlete executes the bunt but remains in position as ball after ball is feed into the machine. This can be done at a fairly quick rate however it’s important that the balls are fed into the machine safely. Additional bunts like the squeeze and push can be executed this way however the running bunt is not recommended.

Spotting up Pitching Machine Bunting Drill

The final drill involves setting up the pitching machine in a similar manner to the previous drill. On this occasion however the ball will be aimed to a particular section of the zone. The batting will square around before the ball if then fed into the machine. In this drill however the athlete bunting will have to determine a ball or a strike. The athlete should avoid chasing balls and put the strikes in play. This is a much better drill for batters having difficultly in their decision machine process.

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