Basic Bunting Practice Drills

Basic Bunting Practice Drills – Fastpitch Softball Drills

Fastpitch Softball Glove Bunting Drill


Start the drill with a softball glove, a bat and a bucket of softballs. Put the barrel of the softball bat through the opening in the back of the softball glove. Attach the glove onto the bat four to six inches from the end of the bat so that the pocket of the glove is open wide. You can use rope, duct tape, or Velcro. Begin the drill with an athlete pitching the softball to the batter. The batter gets into the bunting position. When the ball reaches the batter, he pulls the bat back a few inches and catches the ball in the glove attached to the end of the bat. Continue pitching all of the softball in the bucket.

Fastpitch Softball One-Handed Bunting Drill

You’ll need two athletes, a softball bat and a bag of softballs. Have the pitcher throw to the batter and have the athlete bunting, grip the bat with your top hand. This hand will slide up the bat several inches. As the pitcher delivers the ball, try to bunt with only one hand (top hand) on the bat. Make sure the arm is extended out in front. The batter must keep their eyes focused on the softball.

Fastpitch Softball First and Third Baseline Bunting Drill

Start with a hat should be placed near each baseline about 3m apart. The batter needs to take up a good hitting stance and you then have the feeder kneel around 5m away from the batter, who will then toss the softball overarm to the hitter. The hitter should pivot on their back leg as the feeder raises their arm to throw the ball. As the batter pivots, they should square their body to the feeder and slide their top hand down the bat, a couple of inches past the handle. The hitter should also then flex their knees as they get into position to bunt the ball. To bunt the ball down the third-base line, the right-handed hitter should pull her left hand to her navel. To bunt the ball down the first-base line, the right-handed hitter should push their left hand away from their navel.


Fastpich Softball Bunting and Running Drill

A protective screen is in the middle of the pitching area. The drill has two pitchers and two catchers. Pitcher 1 will be in front of the protective screen and throws to home plate. Pitcher 2 is behind the protective screen and throws to second base. Each pitcher has a full bucket of balls, and each catcher has an empty ball bucket. The hitters are divided into two groups, with one group at home plate and the other group at second base. Hitter 1 bunts a specific bunt and runs to first base, while at the same time, hitter 2 bunts a specific bunt and runs to third base. Then both of the hitters jog to the ends of the opposite lines. For time efficiency, the balls that aren’t contacted by the hitter are placed in the catcher’s ball bucket, which allows the pitcher to prepare for the next pitch.


Fastpitch Softball Bucket o’ Balls Bunting Drill

This drill will teach you how to soften your bunts. Place a large plastic bucket directly in front of home plate. A pitching machine or a live pitcher can pitch the balls. You should then attempt to softly bunt each pitch into the bucket

The batter needs to concentrate on absorbing the velocity from the pitch (by gently pulling their arms inwards to catch the pitch) in order to deaden it. Just remember, you need to be able to execute a soft bunt no matter how hard the pitcher is throwing.

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