Australia’s Best Softball Players from 2015

Best Australian Player as voted on by their foreign peers.We polled 24 players from outside of Australia on who they felt were the best Australian players and pitchers.Getting the opinions of these takes out all of the bias that in­-country rankers may have and these experts have the best gauge of who these players are and their abilities to perform on the field.

Fastpitch World Media’s Article

FWM’s #1 player in the world, Nick Shailes obviously tops the list. Zenon Winters, Jeff Goolagong, Andrew Havercroft and Marshall Kronk round out the top 5.

Adam Folkard and Andrew Kirkpatrick are the top two rated pitchers and there were a few players that made both lists. Those included Kris Kiefel, Andrew Kirkpatrick and Marshall Kronk. The list of rankers included: 3 administrators 2 coaches, 8 world class pitchers (1 ARG, 2 NZ, 2 USA, 3 CAN), 12 world class position players (2 CAN, 5 USA, 1 ARG, 4 NZ).

Top Players

1. Nick Shailes: FWMs #1 rated player in the world. 2015 ISC MVP
2. Zenon Winters: FWM’s #36 ranked player in the world. 2015 ASA Major All American.
3. Jeff Goolagong: FWM’s top 10 player in the world. Hit .310 against national team pitchers the last two years at ISC. All World player in 2014 and 2015.
4. Andrew Havercroft: Top catcher for the Aussie Steelers national team and starter on the WBSC bronze medal winning Steeler team in 2013.
5. Marshall Kronk: FWM’s top 30 ranked player. ISC All World player in 2014 and 2015. Hit.333 against national team pitchers over last two ISC’s.

Top Hitters

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1. Nick Shailes
2. Zenon Winters
3. Jeff Goolagong
4. Andrew Havercroft
5. Marshall Kronk
6. James Toddhunter
7. Andrew Kirkpatrick
8. Ryan Sinclair
9. Nick Norton
10. Kris Kiefel
11. Joel Southam
12. Ryan Merriman
13. Lewis Weldon
14. Peter Wards
15. Brendon O’Bryne

Top Pitchers

1. Adam Folkard: Rated as best pitcher in the world
2. Andrew Kirkpatrick: Top 4 pitcher in the world
3. Harrison Peters
4. Joel Goodell
5. Andrew Blackshaw
6. Kris Kiefel
7. Marshall Kronk
8. Adam Humble
9. Jarryd Farrell
10. Laurie Peters

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