Australian Steelers Men’s Softball Squad – 2016

Australian Steelers 2016 Squad

The Australian Steelers team for 2016 will include the following players.

James Brownlow (NSW),

Aaron Cockman (WA),

Nathan Dickinson (NSW),

Tyson Duncan (WA),

Jarryd Farrell (SA),

Chris Gillies (NSW),

Shaun Goffer (Qld),

Joel Goodall (Vic),

Mark Harris (WA),

Andrew Havercroft (WA),

Julian Jemmott (Qld),

Marshall Kronk (Qld),

Jayden Lach (NSW),

Hayden Mathews (NSW),

Joshua McGovern (ACT),

Ryan Merriman (Qld),

Kieran O’Leary (NSW),

Liam O’Leary (NSW),

Harrison Peters (NSW),

Tyrell Priestley (Qld),

Jay Selu (ACT),

Nick Shailes (Qld),

Brendon O’Bryne (WA),

Ryan Sinclair (Vic),

James Todhunter (NSW),

Ryan Tranter (NSW),

Peter Wards (NSW),

Lewis Weldon (Vic).


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