Advanced Hitting Softball Drills

Live Batting Practice Drill


There’s absolutely no batter drill for Fastpitch Softball Batting / Hitting Drills. For Advanced Hitting Softball Drills you just can’t beat having a top level pitcher throwing all of their pitches with a catcher for the correct throwing distance. It’s preferable that you mimic live at bats with the catcher calling balls and strikes.

You can turn this drill into a game between the pitcher, catcher and hitter by calculating your hits and how they’d translate into runs during a game. Scoring in this drill should be as follows, A one hopper that leaves the infield is classed as a single, a line drive that doesn’t bounce in the infield or make it to the home run fence is a double. A ball that takes one hop into the homerun fence is a triple, providing it wasn’t a flyball and finally anything that disappears over the fence is classed as a homerun. Flyballs and balls that bounce in the field are classified as an out for that innings. That completes the scoring regulations for this drill.

This drill works perfectly if you have 2 people that can pitch and another two that can catch! This leaves a player in the outfield while one hits, catches and pitchers. The player roaming the outfield shouldn’t interfere with any of the balls that get driven into the outfield during the drill.

Closer Pitcher, Batting Drill

This drill is very similar to a normal Batting Practice Drill. At times it can be difficult to find pitchers that exceed the speeds in which you’ll face during the season and/or tournament. To adjust for this difference in pace, the pitching distance for batting practice can be moved closer (30 to 36ft) to reduce the time taken for the ball to move to the plate.

With the reduced distance it’s important to use the required safety equipment to protect your pitcher. It’s also important to note, the pitcher used in this exercise is fairly accurate as the batter will not have a lot of time to move to avoid wayward pitching. With these steps in place you can make a very successful drill.

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Advanced Hitting Softball Drills

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