Strength Drills for Catching Practice

February 16, 2016

Here are two videos on Strength Drills for Catching Practice and include the catchers own body weight for workouts. Suitable for catchers of all levels. Strength Drills for Catching in enclosed spaces Squat Jumps A great drill for including not only strength in the legs but also power for catching. Begin in the catching position and then launch upwards as high as you can jump. On landing, ensure you land…


Standard Softball Fielding Drills

50 Ground Balls This fielding drill can be run with either 3 or even just 2 people. If you have 3 people you’ll need one fielder who will stand either 50ft or 70ft from the other two players. The distance will depend on where this fielder normally plays. If they’re a pivot (Shortstop of 2nd Base) they’ll stand 70ft away and 50ft if they’re a 1st or 3rd baseman. Of…

November 9, 2015

Basic Fielding Softball Drills

September 15, 2015

Here’s some basic Fastpitch Softball – Basic Fielding Softball Drills Everydays – Drill Purpose Focus on glove work, good fundamentals of fielding, hand-eye coordination Drill Begin by having partners line up five feet apart. Have them roll groundballs to each other. The fielder should set up in a triangle position (knees bent, shoulders over knees, elbows inside knees, hands out in front, palms up). Next, have the partners bounce short…