Beginner Riseball Drills

Riseball Flip Drill
March 6, 2018

These drills are targeted for pitchers that are completely new to throwing a riseball and are ordered in level of progression. They are Beginner Riseball Drills and can be repeated as the pitcher continues to work on and develop their riseball. Short Riseball Flicks This drill is great for those just learning the rise call. Start side on with another pitcher two meters apart. The pitchers should hold their arm…


Softball Australia announces Australian Steelers Squad for 2016

Australian Steelers Kangaroo
May 11, 2016

Softball Australia announces 2016 Australian Steelers Softball Australia is pleased to announce acceptance of an invitation extended by Softball NZ for the Australian Open Men’s Team to attend an International Men’s Tournament in March 2017 in New Zealand. Whilst final team entries are yet to be confirmed, all indications are that it will be a very competitive and challenging event showcasing the highest level of men’s international softball. In addition…


Australia’s Best Softball Players from 2015

February 16, 2016

Best Australian Player as voted on by their foreign peers.We polled 24 players from outside of Australia on who they felt were the best Australian players and pitchers.Getting the opinions of these takes out all of the bias that in­-country rankers may have and these experts have the best gauge of who these players are and their abilities to perform on the field. Fastpitch World Media’s Article FWM’s #1 player…


Best Softball Games – 2013 Australia vs New Zealand Blacksox

January 14, 2016

World Series Softball Game – 2013 Australia vs New Zealand Blacksox     Australian Steelers vs New Zealand Blacksox Part 1 Australian Steelers vs New Zealand Blacksox Part 1   2013 Australia vs New Zealand Blacksox is undoubtedly one of the best games of Fastpitch Softball available on the Internet. The game featured Adam Folkard throwing into the 10th innings with 16 strike-outs and giving up 9 hits for 5…


Who has the Worlds Best Dropball

October 5, 2015

Who has the Worlds Best Dropball Late this year Fastpitch World Media released the results of their survey on who has the best Dropball in the World for 2015! This year saw the Men’s World Series being held in Saskatoon, along with ISC’s being played in a little over 2 months. This gave the world a chance to see how the best pitchers in the world stacked up! Adam Folkard…