First Softball Blog Post – Preparing For Clinics

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October 22, 2015

Well what a great start so far. With some effort we now have a Website, Facebook Page (50+ Followers without much effort), partnered with Perth Softball Academy Affiliated with Google Adsense and Amazon and are now looking to begin advertising for Clinics! This is also be our First Softball Blog Post on our website with hopefully many more to come!! Our first clinic was a one on one session with a young…


Who has the Worlds Best Dropball

October 5, 2015

Who has the Worlds Best Dropball Late this year Fastpitch World Media released the results of their survey on who has the best Dropball in the World for 2015! This year saw the Men’s World Series being held in Saskatoon, along with ISC’s being played in a little over 2 months. This gave the world a chance to see how the best pitchers in the world stacked up! Adam Folkard…