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Riseball Flip Drill

Beginner Riseball Drills

These drills are targeted for pitchers that are completely new to throwing a riseball and are ordered in level of progression. They are Beginner Riseball Drills and can be repeated as the pitcher continues to work on and develop their riseball. Short Riseball Flicks This drill is great for those just learning the rise call. Start side on with another pitcher two meters apart. The pitchers should hold their arm…

Pitching Machine Bunting Drills

Pitching Machine Bunting Drills

Pitching Machine Bunting Drill The Pitching Machine Bunting Drill requires the setup a pitching machine just in front of the pitching plate. Adjust the settings on the machine to suit the speed and level of the athlete. Have the athlete setup in the batters box. Feed the ball into the machine and have the batter execute a bunt. It’s good practice to have the batter return to their batting position…

Full Diamond Bunting and Conditioning

Full Diamond Bunting and Conditioning Drills

Full Diamond Bunting and Conditioning Drill   The Full Diamond Bunting Drill requires 4 players Pitching and Bunting. Each bunting station will be situated at each of the 4 bases or points on the diamond. The pitchers will throw from the middle of the diamond to the base they’re closest. All four pitchers should throw at the same time. The player bunting will execute a the bunt and then run…

Dropball Pitch

Pitching Basic Dropball Drills and Tips

Tips for Throwing a Peel Dropball and Rollover Dropball A slightly shorter stride is usually helpful when throwing dropballs. When throwing a drop, or any other pitch for that matter, make sure you keep your arm close to your body. Otherwise you could risk injuring your arm. When throwing the rollover dropball you do not want to turn your elbow and shoulder out “chicken wing”. Focus on using the wrist…

New Zealand Blacksox

Australian Steelers take on the Black Sox

Softball New Zealand (SNZ) is organising a five-team series planned for March at Rosedale Park in Albany. This would include the New Zealand Black Sox It’s thought that Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Samoa and Czech Republic will be involved. All of these teams rank well within the top ten Fastptich Softball Nations in the world and it should be a fast paced and intense tournament. Giles has stated that negotiations…

Australian Steelers Men's Fastpitch Softball Team

Australian Steelers Men’s Softball Squad – 2016

Australian Steelers 2016 Squad The Australian Steelers team for 2016 will include the following players. James Brownlow (NSW), Aaron Cockman (WA), Nathan Dickinson (NSW), Tyson Duncan (WA), Jarryd Farrell (SA), Chris Gillies (NSW), Shaun Goffer (Qld), Joel Goodall (Vic), Mark Harris (WA), Andrew Havercroft (WA), Julian Jemmott (Qld), Marshall Kronk (Qld), Jayden Lach (NSW), Hayden Mathews (NSW), Joshua McGovern (ACT), Ryan Merriman (Qld), Kieran O’Leary (NSW), Liam O’Leary (NSW), Harrison…

Australian Steelers Kangaroo

Softball Australia announces Australian Steelers Squad for 2016

Softball Australia announces 2016 Australian Steelers Softball Australia is pleased to announce acceptance of an invitation extended by Softball NZ for the Australian Open Men’s Team to attend an International Men’s Tournament in March 2017 in New Zealand. Whilst final team entries are yet to be confirmed, all indications are that it will be a very competitive and challenging event showcasing the highest level of men’s international softball. In addition…

Bunting - Fastpitch Softball Short Game - Slapping

Basic Bunting Practice Drills

Basic Bunting Practice Drills – Fastpitch Softball Drills Fastpitch Softball Glove Bunting Drill   Start the drill with a softball glove, a bat and a bucket of softballs. Put the barrel of the softball bat through the opening in the back of the softball glove. Attach the glove onto the bat four to six inches from the end of the bat so that the pocket of the glove is open wide. You can…


Australia’s Best Softball Players from 2015

Best Australian Player as voted on by their foreign peers.We polled 24 players from outside of Australia on who they felt were the best Australian players and pitchers.Getting the opinions of these takes out all of the bias that in­-country rankers may have and these experts have the best gauge of who these players are and their abilities to perform on the field. Fastpitch World Media’s Article FWM’s #1 player…


Strength Drills for Catching Practice

Here are two videos on Strength Drills for Catching Practice and include the catchers own body weight for workouts. Suitable for catchers of all levels. Strength Drills for Catching in enclosed spaces Squat Jumps A great drill for including not only strength in the legs but also power for catching. Begin in the catching position and then launch upwards as high as you can jump. On landing, ensure you land…